The initiative for the establishment of the Balkan Olympiad in Informatics (BOI) came from the host country of the 1st BOI - Romania (Constanza).

Dr. Stelian Niculescu, Dr. Horia Georgescu, Dr. Clara Ionescu were, among others, the driving force of this first unforgetable event.

Year Location Date Flag
1993 Constanta, Romania May 24th to 29th Romania Flag
1994 Thesalloniki, Greece October 1st to 7th Greece Flag
1995 Varna, Bulgaria October 5th to 11th Bulgaria Flag
1996 Nicosia, Cyprus October 19th to 25th Cyprus Flag
1997 Drama, Greece September 30th to October 5th Greece Flag
1998 Ankara, Turkey July 13th to 19th Turkey Flag
1999 Ioannina, Greece August 22nd to 27th Greece Flag
2000 Ohrid, Macedonia May 15th to 19th Macedonia Flag
2001 Duras, Albania September 8th to 13th Albania Flag
2002 Belgrade, Serbia & Montenegro June 21st to 26th Serbia&M Flag
2003 Iasi, Romania July 14th to 20th Romania Flag
2004 Plovdiv, Bulgaria July 3rd to 9th Bulgaria Flag
2005 Rhodes Island, Greece September 3rd to 8th Greece Flag
2006 Nicosia, Cyprus October 20th to 25th Cyprus Flag
2007 Chisinau, Moldova July 7th to 13th Moldova Flag
2008 Bitola, Macedonia October 2nd to 8th Macedonia Flag
2009 Shumen, Bulgaria November 27th to 29th Bulgaria Flag
2010 Petrovac, Montenegro September 18th to 25th Montenegro Flag
2011 Bistrita, Romania July 3rd to 9th Romania Flag
2012 Belgrade, Serbia August 15th to 19th Serbia Flag
2013 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina September 7th to 14th Bosnia and Herzegovina Flag
2014 Ankara, Turkey August 10th to 17th Turkey Flag